Get THE Best VA Mortgage Rate & Save Thousands of Dollars in Closing costs with a VA Loan from Quick VA Loans!

Not all VA Mortgage lenders are the same.
They all have they niches.
We know which lender to submit a loan file to which lender.
We know how each lender works, what they want, and how to get the loan to go through fast.

Each lender has their niche.  One specializes in 500 to 699 credit scores, some lenders specialize in higher credit scores. A few specialize with VA Jumbo Loans.

We routinely save our clients thousands of dollars on their VA loans.

We don’t charge fee’s that others do.
We don’t charge the following fee’s

  • * NO Origination Fee! (Average fee is: 1% of the loan amount)
  • * NO Underwriting Fee! (Average fee is: $900 to $1,000
  • * NO Processing Fee! (Average fee is: $500 to $750)

By not charging an underwriting and processing fee, this is an average savings of a minimum of $1,500.

Plus, There is NO origination fee. This is a savings of an average of 1% of the loan amount. So on a $200,000 loan, that’s a savings of $2,000.

In addition to the low fee’s of saving our clients thousands of dollars in lower closing costs than other mortgage lenders, we also off “Lender Credits”.

Our Lender credits are not only very generous, they are the most aggressive in the country.

We help veterans by routinely giving thousands of dollars in closing costs through lender credits.

This week on a quote for a Veteran buying a home in Florida for $500,000, our quote was giving the veteran 4,100 in lender credits for the same interest rate that Wells Fargo is offering the client. This is a big deal for this veteran. The cash needed to come to closing was in excess of $7,000 less than Wells Fargo.

How do we beat the big banks and other mortgage companies at the same lending business?

As a broker, we work with the wholesale side of mortgage banks.

We find the best VA lender in the country based on the parameters for each borrower.

  • * We get paid from Mortgage Banks for putting together clean loan files.
  • * We only get paid if a loan closes and funds.
  • * We know how to determine if a loan is doable.
  • * We know what to look for up front.
  • * We know what paperwork is needed.
  • * We use technology to speed up the process.
  • * We get paid on volume.
  • * We close fast.

Our process is Easy. We use lenders that make life
We help our clients with having Personal touch.

Call us and get a quote today.

If you are buying a home and using VA benefits, save thousands of dollars.

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